Materials and Styles of Dining Room Furniture

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Materials and Styles of Dining Room Furniture

Endless models of dining room furniture are used to accentuate one of the most important rooms of the home. With all the collections available today, finding one that fits your needs and preferences should not be very hard at all.

Popular Selections

Dining room furniture collections are made from a variety of materials. Listed below are some of the most common types offered for sale today:

Marble One of the most popular types of these is the circular Contract Dining Table made in the likes of ones first designed by Charles and Ray Eames. This particular table sometimes is also crafted with a tabletop made of veneer (type of plywood). Bases are usually made of sturdy chromed steel or polished aluminum. A similar model is also made in a square shape.

Fiberglass One of the most significant examples of a table made from this material is The Round Fiberglass Tulip Table designed by Eero Saarinen in 1956. Similar ones like it are also made in marble.

The bases of these tables are usually made of a high-grade case aluminum or other strong material. The shells of certain dining chair models are also constructed of this material.

Veneer Many of the tables produced in the likes of famous designers such as Charles and Ray Eames as well as Eero Saarinen are also made from this material. This is a more inexpensive wood that when composed properly produces a very reliable result.

Glass This material is one of the most popular used in more formal dining settings. A wide variety of tables are constructed today in varying shapes such as round, square, rectangular, or oval. Variations of glass used in the making of these tables include frosted, clear, and black.

WoodThe Noguchi Cyclone table is one very important example of a round dining table conceived in 1953, made partly of wood and partly of metal. The wire metal base is how this piece is most often noticed. This piece became very popular as of 1957 after the plans for this item came into fruition.

Metal This is a material that was most often used for the bases of most popular dining table. However, some items were constructed of both combination metal and wood along with other supporting materials over the years. Select models of dining chairs were also constructed of this material over the years.

Leather Today’s most popular models of high and low-back leather chairs are created using this material. Sometimes a comparable artificial leather material may be used in place of it for those who prefer not to use animal materials.

Cloth Sometimes chairs are available in upholstery crafted of fine cotton, denim, or other reliable materials. These may not always be offered by the same suppliers who sell the leather varieties. However, they may be from time to time.

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Materials and Styles of Dining Room Furniture