Successful Internet Marketing Models – The Secret? Value

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Successful Internet Marketing Models – The Secret? Value

Secret to success? Simple, sound business practices. The foundation of successful internet marketing business models are built on the basics of business. Knowing your customer and providing the customer with exceptional value.  Success in any endeavor, from a winning football team to  a successful internet marketing business, understand and master the basics first.  Build on a strong foundation and you build a long lasting, profitable business. 

Step one, developer a comprehensive customer profile.  Detailed customer profiles help you attract and build relationships with your customers. When you know who they are, you understand their needs. Understanding their needs provides you with the keys to gaining their trust and business. Attracting and building a relationships with customers has been a successful tool practiced over and over by all  successful business models, it’s no different in  internet marketing.  More detail aids in effective use of all of your valuable resources.  The time invested up front pays dividends in all other stages of your business.

Deliver value greater than your customer expects.  How have you met ore exceeded the needs or wants of your customer?.  Zig Ziglar says “You can have any thing in life you want, if you help enough people get what they want”.  When meet a customer need, or solve  customer problem, you have helped them get what they want.  The customer must receive a product or service that exceeds their expectations.  If you promise delivery in 7 days, get it there in 5.  When you know the questions your customer will ask before they do,  you can offer them solutions, save them time and the net results are more and better business for your company.

Next time you hear or see all the secrets to success for your business, start from the beginning, and ask yourself these two questions.  If I were looking for what this business has to offer, do they have what I need.?  Successful business men and women know understand the basics.. from main street to the most successful internet marketing  business models. Know your  customer and deliver value!

David Montieth is an Entrepreneur, Engineer and Successful Internet Marketer. Mr. Montieth is a Top Producer for the premier internet marketing company working with industry leaders Jay Kubassek and Glen Arete’. His company offers a wide variety of products and services ranging from services to provide financial education, business development services and leadership training and development. Mr. Montieth has over 25 years in Corporate, Business, Network Marketing. He also applies much of what he has learned to coaching youth sports for over 15 years. Learn More at

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Successful Internet Marketing Models – The Secret? Value