Teak Garden Furniture

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Teak Garden Furniture

One of the most amazing natural materials on this planet is wood. Whether it is as a tree, alive and in the forest, or an object crafted with love and care and made a part of your home — whatever form it is in, there is something that says ‘beauty’ when it comes to wood. And yet, the crowning glory among all types of wood goes to teak — the strong, graceful wood from Asia. That is why when someone buys teak garden furniture, he or she is making a very grandiose statement.

Let’s be frank: anyone can throw around a couple of chairs and a table or two to give the impression that the garden is somewhere to be. Those passing through might think that it all has a ‘fun’ ambience to it. Yet, if these same people were to look over the wall and see the neighbor’s teak garden furniture sitting in the sun, they would surely know that although both gardens do have fun, one on of them is ‘funner’ — while being regal at the same time. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which one it is.

Teak is a wood that has its origins in South and Southeast Asia. Ever since man laid his eyes on that first tree, it captured his heart and managed to convince him to try and spread it across the world, which he did — and successfully, at that. From those endemic places in Asia, it has been successfully naturalized in many other countries, as far away as Africa and the Caribbean.

One of the amazing things of this wood, apart from its beauty, is the fact that little to no care is needed to maintain it. Teak excretes natural oils that help it last longer by keeping moisture — and, hence, rot —out. It also acts as a natural pesticide and wards off insects that would otherwise bring any other furniture figuratively to its knees. And all it needs in way of care is just gentle cleaning using water, a rag, and a bar of soap. As its species name suggests, it really is a hardwood.

But that’s not the only reason that the ideal decoration for almost any garden is teak garden furniture. There is the simple fact that when you choose this wood, you will be sharing the wisdom and beauty of people who have been sitting on it for a very long time. That is because man has enjoyed its luxuriant nature since the seventh century! 


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Teak Garden Furniture