Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Wal

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Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Walnut)

  • Center Channel compartment & storage
  • Dimensions: 21.75″ H x 59.75″ W x 21.25″ D
  • Supports up to 260 lbs
  • 60″ Wide Walnut wood veneer finish credenza fits most 60″ and smaller flat panels
  • Classic wood tone will accentuate most decors
  • Center channel compartment and storage
  • Classic, elegant, functional!

The Tech-Craft Veneto Series creates sturdy and stylish stands for large, flat panel TVs. These easy-to-assemble pieces are made of high-quality wood, and are available in a chic wood veneer finishes. This stand allows for ample component storage, featuring a center channel storage compartment.

List Price: $ 399.99

Price: $ 399.99

  1. R. Villa Said,
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent on the outside!!! Bad on the inside!!!, June 21, 2007
    R. Villa (ILLINOIS) –

    This review is from: Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Walnut) (Electronics)

    This thing is huge and very heavy. FedEx was lucky I was in the house when they made the delivery, because for sure, the driver would have a sore back after carrying this fine piece of furniture. It took me I think a little over 2 hours to assemble this item. Everything was perfect when it comes to placing the screws, doors, hinges, etc. Seems like this was perfectly outlined and planned in the factory for consumers to assemble all the pieces together without any glitch. My goodness, when it all came together, it looked like it was made from solid wood. Fine piece of art.

    Now for the negative. This is the deciding factor for consumers whether to get it for looks over funtion. When I placed my Pioneer Elite 84 in one of the racks, whoa, I cannot close the door and this piece lacks in depth. For those people with the new huge audio-video receivers,I would say measure them first before buying this piece of furniture. Heads up to all of you guys, depth is a little less than 18 inches.

    So, what i did is cut the back thin wood portion to give way for the receivers connections (back of the receiver). Now, I can close it after making some modifications on the back side. Ok, the result after making some modification. If you place this furniture on a wall where people will not see the back side from the sides, you are good. But if the back portion can be seen wherein wire connections are noticeable, you may see a little part of the back portion of the receiver hanging out because of the cutout I made so I can push back the receiver further so I can close the door.

    My verdict, I gave this only 3 stars since the company failed to consider the depth of big and huge audio-video equipment. Did I make a bad decision for buying this product, my answer is no. For the price of it, I think I am alright though making some modification. This is a case to case basis for audiophiles wanting all their equipment flawless. For some, this is a good buy, but for others, it may be a pain.


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  2. A. Bonwit Said,
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Pleased with our new, elegant TV stand, January 14, 2007
    A. Bonwit (CA) –

    This review is from: Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Walnut) (Electronics)

    We just purchased this TV stand (somewhere else) and LOVE it! We were concerned that our DVD player and speakers may not fit into the unit but to our surprise everything fit perfectly and we still have plenty of room for DVDs. Our 42″ flat screen looks great and we have lots of room on the sides which is what I wanted. I was worried that it would make the TV look small but it does not. The middle door has a screen over it instead of glass which would be great for speakers. One thing I love here is that they make this part sort of optional and the screen can be removed and another piece of glass (not included) can be placed there instead to match with the other two side doors.

    It was quite heavy and bringing the box up to our 3rd floor apartment was interesting. When I first looked at the assembly directions it felt like a daunting task but after organizing all the parts and making a game plan it wasn’t that bad. It took us about two hours to put together. The parts are made of a very thick and heavy weight particle board with thin wood paneling on top making it look almost like solid wood with slight grains and knots. The fact that it is not solid wood is what is keeping the cost down (sort of). Though I would have preferred solid wood construction, this is the next best thing. This stand has weight and looks like it is solid. We are very pleased with the end result,
    this is a very elegant and beautiful piece of furniture!

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  3. MussSyke Said,
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Interior Dimensions Found Here, June 24, 2010

    This review is from: Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Walnut) (Electronics)

    Written specifically for the Techcraft SWP60 Veneto series.

    INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: I couldn’t find these in other reviews or on the company’s website, so I had to buy it and pray. Left and Right compartments are 17.75″D x 18.125″W x 16.5″H. Note that you can only see 14.5″ of that height – the top two inches are covered with a decorative, necessary board.

    Remember to account for the shelves you plan on using – they take up just less than .75″ each. Also note that interior hinges keep you from using 100% of the depth and width at the same time. That is, you may have to push something back about a half an inch from the front if it is a full 17″ wide component.

    The interior dimensions of the middle compartment are exactly the same except the width is 18.75 inches – a little extra to accommodate many center channel speakers. My Infinity C25 fits nicely. They basically made this thing so that the three front doors have exactly the same size frame, and the interior dividers are just slightly to either side, so that the side doors rest on them, and the middle door closes with a protruding magnet.

    Also worth noting is that there are only three holes pre-drilled for the shelves – in the middle and one to the top and one to the bottom. Obviously you can drill your own, but you should be precise because the shelves are pre-routed so they rest nicely on the metal cylinders that hold them in place.

    SIZE COMMENTS: So, I have a nice old house that just doesn’t have the huge rooms that some of the new, almost obscenely large homes have. I wanted the six compartments, demanded something where the center channel speaker would not look asymmetrical, but still wanted the unit as small as possible. In fact, going much over 60″ width would be a bit much. After using this unit for myself, I don’t think they could make a 6 compartment unit with less width.

    I have my main receiver and the notoriously deep Sony 400-disc changer(~21.5″ deep)both on the left side. They fit fairly comfortably from a height standpoint, but I don’t have a millimeter to spare on the CD-changer because I wanted the shelf in the middle to give the reciever at least a little bit of ventilation space. And they had to be that way (DVD player on top) so that the IR signal recievers were seeable through the glass. I can also see both LCD screens well, but the top of the DVD player is difficult to see through the glass, and with that 2-inch piece that hangs down, you have to turn the CDs to their side about 30° to get them in. I’m just pointing out that you really have to measure if you have a lot of components.

    I managed to also get my center channel in the center compartment with the shelf in the middle position by using the extra 2 millimeter indent up top by putting the shelf and speaker in, and then putting the metal cylinders in to hold the shelf up. Below that, I managed to cram my secondary receiver with whole-house speaker switch on top, and Wii to the side. Luckily, this doesn’t look messy because of the mesh cover, but it is tight*. I justify it because the speaker switch is not deep and does not cover much of the venting, and I don’t play that amp too hard.

    On the right, I have a laptop acting as a music server. It’s fairly comfortable to use in *short bursts* sitting on the floor.

    THE BACK: I never even thought about putting it on. Honestly, I’m not sure I could get the two big Sony components in the right side without tilting them (which I can’t do when they’re both in there) or taking the door off.

    Also, that 400-disc changer hangs out an inch or so. I put it on the top also so that I could push the whole thing all the way to the wall, rather than just to the baseboard.

    All this said, I am super happy with the size of this thing, but you have to consider it carefully. I stapled tie wraps into the exposed MDF on the back and used velcro cable ties to ensure there isn’t a mess of cables on the floor that gets in the way every time I move this thing back and forth. But it’s actually fairly easy to work on just by moving the whole thing front and working on the connections with no obstructions. You can’t see the wall through the glass when this thing is in place anyway because it’s neatly full of components.

    LOOKS: As I said, I have an antique house, and would normally be disgusted at the thought of putting modular furniture in there, and the price seemed way too cheap to be decent. But, it’s not like I’m going to find some beautiful, old, well-built piece of furniture that’s going to hold electronics funtionally. I love electronics, and don’t think they should be hidden, but they also shouldn’t be obscenely out of place. This was the perfect solution, indeed. It really does look fantastic, and I see how they kept the costs low without making it look crappy, so it’s…

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Techcraft SWP60 60-Inch Wide Credenza (Wal